Our job at Aquaflow is to design and build you a pool of the best possible quality and style. This process starts when you meet our head designer  David Puklowski for a brainstorming session where ideas are created. Using our state-of-the-art 3D design software David will bring your pool design to life with images and video. This service makes it easy to make changes and then view the finished project inclusive of fencing, landscaping and surrounds.

We provide all services in the pool planning, construction and finishing process:

• 3D Design
• Council Consents
• Excavation
• Pool Surrounds
• Pumps & Filtration
• Decking & Paving
• Heating
• Covers
• Fencing & Landscaping

On completion of your pool, on-going after-care and professional advice is available for all aspects of pool maintenance and water balancing. Or Simon Puklowski and his incredible team of Service Technicians can do it all for you making owning and operating your pool hassle free.