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As a fabulous accessory to your swimming pool or on its own having a Spa pool will provide you with many benefits other than just the feel good factor of getting in to hot water. We now know that spending regular time in a Spa pool can:

• Improve your nights sleep
• Lower blood pressure
• Help reduce headaches
• Improve circulation
• Reduce anxiety
• Help alleviate aches and pains

Aquaflow specialises in the process of you becoming a first time spa owner. We will help choose the best fit Spa for you, with the option of delivery, installation, set up and after care. This involves instruction on all inner Spa workings and water health, with a chemical starter pack. Looking after your Spa and its water health are an integral part of maintaining warranties and ensuring you have years of trouble free soaking to enjoy.



We build fully customisable in-ground concrete Spa Pools. These can complement your existing Pool or be included in the initial design process of your new pool setting or as a stand alone spa. The many benefits of a custom spa include sizing, colour, products and positioning. Because sometimes we just can’t get what we want off the shelf.


Made from Heart Cedar and crafted in the tradition of barrel making or Cooperage, these Hot Tubs are a striking natural wood based product alternative to acrylic spas. Sizes ranging from 1300mm Diameter to 2450mm Diameter with customised options.

Aquaflow are the region’s exclusive dealers of Colonial Hot Tubs.

Visit our showroom or view the full range here.


— “A Quality Fit For Every Body”

Sapphire Spas Pools have a gorgeous comprehensive range of twenty five Standard Spas and ten Swim Spas in six stunning colors.  The fade resistant acrylic and high quality fittings can be matched with specifications of your choice to design your own “custom” fit spa pool.

Aquaflow are the regions exclusive dealers of Sapphire Spa Pools. Visit our showroom or view the full range here.